Making Andhra Open Defecation Free and creating
    safe toilets based on Human Centred Design


    Putting an end to Manual Scavenging and creating a
    Framework for regular and safe maintenance e


    Supporting Infrastructure Development for safe
    transportation for treatment


    Creating sustainable solutions that consider
    Long-term ecological consequences


    Developing economic value and creating guidelines
    for disposal to avoid spread of pathogens

Our Project

We are keen to involve many more partners to expand the knowledge base and the reach in the sanitation sector. If you are working in the Sanitation sector and would like to join us!

AP Sanitation Agenda

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word from
Prof. Chary

Over 90 percent of urban households relies on onsite sanitation thereby creating Faecal Sludge Management (FSM) infrastructure a critical step towards achieving universal sanitation. Our Mission is complimentary to the pursuit of ODF and complete sanitation by improving FSM eco-system in the State of A.P.

Prof. V. Srinivasa Chary

Director At ASCI